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Unlock the art of the perfect espresso in Ottawa with Insta Barista’s premium range of espresso machines. Whether for your café, office, or home, our collection is designed to meet the diverse needs of the Ottawa coffee community. Each Italian-designed unit embodies precision and elegance, grinding coffee beans fresh for each cup to deliver an unmatched espresso experience.

At Insta Barista, we are dedicated to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. By choosing sustainable resources and raw materials, we not only enhance your coffee experience but also contribute to a healthier planet.


Ottawa's best espresso machine rentals



Compact Sophistication for Ottawa's Coffee Enthusiasts

Discover the sleek design of Clara, a table-top espresso machine that's a perfect match for Ottawa's small offices, bustling restaurants, and chic salons. With its compact footprint, Clara serves up to 90 cups of barista-quality espresso, making it an ideal choice for spaces that value both style and function. The backlit panel not only offers extended branding opportunities but also ensures Clara blends seamlessly into the sophisticated ambiance of your business.

Optimized for Efficiency: Serves 90 exquisite espresso beverages with ease.

Team Friendly: Ideal for 20-30 employee environments, ensuring everyone enjoys their coffee break.



Customizable Performance for Ottawa's Workspaces

Aiva is the solution for Ottawa's diverse office spaces and dining venues requiring a balance of style and volume. Whether you opt for a table-top or cabinet model, Aiva's efficiency is unmatched, boasting a plumbed water system for continuous service. Designed to serve up to 150 cups of premium espresso-based products, Aiva is engineered to meet the demands of companies with medium to high-volume needs while enhancing the coffee culture in your workplace.

High-Capacity Serving: Delivers up to 150 top-tier beverages for larger teams.

Versatile Workforce Match: Perfect for 30-40 employees, making every coffee moment count.



The Epitome of Espresso Luxury in Ottawa

Introducing Joey, the pinnacle of espresso machine excellence in Ottawa. This floor model transcends the ordinary, delivering an espresso experience that rivals the most exclusive coffee houses. Designed for high-traffic retail spaces and large-scale businesses, Joey is not just a coffee machine; it's a statement of quality and innovation. With invoicing and direct payment options complemented by a high-definition monitor for promotional displays, Joey is where technology meets tradition.

Premium Volume and Quality: Capable of crafting 220 superior beverages for extensive teams.

Ideal for Larger Enterprises: Suits 50+ employees, making it the heart of your coffee-loving community.

Premier Espresso Machine Rentals in Ottawa: Insta Barista's Commitment to Excellence

At Insta Barista, we're passionate about the role of exceptional coffee in Ottawa's vibrant culture. Our mission is to provide offices and coffee aficionados with a seamless espresso machine rental service that adds a touch of sophistication to your coffee routine. Join the myriad of Ottawa-Gatineau workplaces that have elevated their coffee breaks with our state-of-the-art espresso machines, becoming destinations for coffee lovers who seek nothing less than perfection.

See for yourself with an exclusive free trial and transform your office coffee experience.


Broaden Your Coffee Horizons with Ottawa's Finest Espresso Selection

Step into a world where variety meets quality with Ottawa’s most diverse espresso machine offerings. From the robust flavors of a classic Espresso to the smooth caress of an Americano, and the indulgent richness of a French Vanilla Latte, our range is a testament to coffee diversity. Explore over 25 specialty hot beverages, including trending favorites like Salted Caramel and Chai Latte. With Insta Barista, you’re not just choosing a drink; you’re curating an experience.

Exclusive Benefits with Your Ottawa Espresso Machine Partner: Insta Barista

Insta Barista is more than just a provider of Italian-designed espresso machines in Ottawa; we're your partner in revolutionizing the coffee experience. Enjoy a suite of exclusive perks designed to seamlessly integrate with your Ottawa business lifestyle:

Complimentary Setup: Relish in the convenience of free installation and prompt delivery of our premium espresso machines.

Energy-Efficient Operations: Save on energy bills with our energy-saving mode, designed for eco-friendly energy consumption.

Flexibility Guaranteed: No binding contracts mean you have the freedom to adapt your coffee solutions as your business evolves.

Payment Made Easy: With versatile interface capabilities, enjoy the convenience of multiple payment options.

Hassle-Free Cancellation: With just a two-week notice, manage your espresso services without any cancellation fees.

Full-Service Delivery: We supply all the ingredients right to your doorstep, eliminating storage concerns.

Organic Coffee Beans on Us: Each installation comes with a complimentary bag of fresh-roasted organic beans, because every cup should start with the best.

Maintenance-Free Enjoyment: Say goodbye to cleaning and maintenance tasks—we've got it covered, saving your time and resources.

Bespoke Beverage Selection: Tailor your espresso experiences with a diverse range of beverage options offering complete customization flexibility.

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Savor the freshness with a free trial of our Barista Espresso systems in your Ottawa workspace. Contact us today to claim your free trial of Insta Barista, or inquire about our offerings.

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