On-Site Beverage Drives
Employee Satisfaction in Ottawa

July 11, 2019 | Omar Sammak from Insta Barista

Did you know that the average commute in Ottawa is 84 minutes? This means that over the course of the year, the average local resident devotes two full weeks of their life just getting back and forth from work!

With so many opportunities to work from home or telecommute, why would any high-performing professional want to work in an office these days? Why would anyone want to get up at the crack of dawn, sit in hours of traffic or squeeze into a crowded train, only to spend the rest of the day in a series of high-pressure meetings? Why would anyone want to put on tight, stuffy business clothes, venture outside the home and go to work, when they could easily stay in their pajamas, open up their laptop, and work from the comfort of their kitchen table?

Ottawa's Best Employees Want Coffee- NOW!

In today's workforce, Ottawa's rising stars want more than a paycheck. Beyond job security or a stable income, talented team-players want to be empowered to make their own decisions. They want to be affirmed with a sense of purpose. They seek connection, community and human interaction. Furthermore, hardworking employees come with a desire to feel validated and appreciated by their employer. 

Successful businesses understand what it takes to retain the best of the best. Employers will stop at nothing to create an office culture of positivity, enthusiasm and loyalty. Whether they employ 10 or 10,000 people, these companies are constantly looking for affordable workplace amenities like treadmill desks, open workspaces and improved access to healthy lunch options.
What used to be an executive-level amenity is now a standard that all employees have come to expect: the on-site coffee bar.  Especially for businesses in Ottawa, on-site beverage service plays a pivotal role in employee satisfaction, productivity and reduced turnover.

...And More Than Just Coffee

The popularity of brands like Starbucks have made it even more difficult for today’s office to meet their employees’ demand for on-site gourmet coffee.  A small dark-roast, light and sweet is not enough. Nowadays, coffee drinkers can’t even dream of functioning until they’ve had their double-shot mocha with two pumps of raspberry. Personalization is a way of life, even for workers who choose coffee alternatives. Tea drinkers love their beverage of choice, whether it’s a vanilla-infused matcha latte or a chocolate-infused soy chai.

Organizations that make an effort to invest in their employees reap the rewards of a high-performing team. Coffee increases energy and alertness, and makes it easier for workers to meet their deadlines. It also makes the workplace a safer space. In an evaluation of nearly 1500 workers, a Welsh study shows that coffee consumption lowers the likelihood of employee accidents. Caffeinated employees make better decisions and have higher levels of concentration. Moreover, when workers have the opportunity to take breaks together,  workplace productivity skyrockets, whether they're breaking for coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Custom Coffee at Any Size

Although it was once considered a luxury of working in a large corporation, recent innovations in coffee- brewing technology have made it convenient and affordable for Ottawa businesses to offer on-site coffee service. A compact beverage machine like Clara is perfect for small offices and salons. A high-volume tabletop model like Aiva makes is a popular, efficient beverage system for medium-sized businesses. A freestanding brewing machine like Joey is built to meet the constant needs of a large, demanding office, warehouse or retail enterprise. Each model comes fully stocked so there are no pods to store and routine service eliminates the need for cleaning, de-scaling or other maintenance. Seamless hot-beverage systems like Clara, Aiva, and Joey employ efficient new technology to bring customizable coffee, tea and hot chocolate to businesses of every size.

Business leaders know that today's talented professionals feel empowered by making their own decisions in meetings, at desks or during their coffee break. By choosing a professional hot-beverage vendor in Ottawa, it is easy for every employer to validate the needs of their valued workplace contributors. Affordable, local on-site beverage service business has the power to drive productivity, strengthen morale, and deliver a satisfied workforce with every personalized cup.

Omar Sammak is a coffee and beverage service provider in the Ottawa and Gatineau region.


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