Three Benefits of freshly roasted coffee beans

February 18, 2017 | Marco at Insta Barista

Coffee beans are meant to be consumed instantly for three fundamental reasons.

Roasted Coffee Bean
Superior Flavour

There is no comparison in the taste of fresh brewed whole bean roasted coffee over vacuum-sealed coffees and the environmentally unfriendly pod systems. Granulated, powdered and encapsulated coffee can taste stale and bitter, if not heated to the correct temperature. All the taste is in the bean oils, and they will evaporate once the beans are ground up.
So it is essential to grind the beans and consume them immediately. if you buy whole beans, and then grind them up minutes before you brew up your pot of coffee, the flavor is much stronger and the subtle tastes of your specific type of bean are more noticeable.

Enhanced Aroma

A coffee’s aroma is an important characteristic that adds to the fullness of the entire experience. Freshly roasted coffee beans shouldn’t smell like coffee. They should carry the earthy scent of the beans themselves.

Smell a handful of “unfresh” beans and it will smell like, well, coffee. Then, inhale a handful of your fresh-roasted beans and you’ll know what coffee is supposed to smell like. The pleasantly intense aroma of fresh-roasted coffee is therapeutic, awakening the senses and triggering endorphins.

Health Benefits

Recent scientific studies have been coming up indicating different health benefits from consuming coffee.  Much of them contradict previous beliefs about potential negative effects from drinking roasted coffee.Fresh-roasted coffee is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, which benefit your overall health by boosting your immune system.
The coffee fruit in fact has a higher level of antioxidants than blueberries or pomegranates. Both of those fruits being known for their high antioxidant value.Antioxidants are considered important because they help neutralize the negative effects of free radicals of aging in our bodies

Once roasted, the coffee bean becomes perishable and—like any perishable food item—it begins to lose its nutritional value as time passes. The older a coffee, the lower the nutritional composition.

Besides the importance of an instant fresh grind for every cup, at Insta Barista, we make sure that locally roasted Organic coffee beans are consumed in our Bianchi espresso systems. We are proud to have partnered with Equator roasters in Ottawa, where we pick the finest Organic and fair trade Coffee beans every week. Click here to find out more about our partner.


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